Merry Murderers Enamel Pin Series

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3 new pins in the merry murderers series!

The Merry Murderers pin series is adding 3 new 2″ Enamel pins based on popular horror icons! Designed by Devin “Spicy Donut” Lawson who draws serious influence from classic cartoons of the 1930s like Max Fleischer’s Merrie Melodies, or Disney’s Silly Symphonies. This art style has seen a massive resurgence in popularity thanks to 2d Action Shooter Cuphead. Devin has been an illustrator and animator for over 20 years and is hoping to inspire fans with his new rubber hose horrors.

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In each design, you can find a love for the art style as well as the characters they represent. Leatherface in La La Land is the first of the new additions with an over the top beheading. This juxtaposition of cartoon violence and silliness make for an amusing take on the Texas chainsaw-wielding cannibal.

The Dancing Clown of Derry captures the Stephen King icon who is leaping into the box office again this year with It: Chapter 2!

Gosh Golly Gh-Gh_ghostface is a play on the classic Scream scene featuring a young Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker. 1930’s troupes like appearing from the handset of an old telephone are hallmarks of the nonsensical genre.

Spicy Donut is hoping to raise 1000 dollars to produce all 3 pins and aiming for an October ship date! Perfect for Halloween.

Several variant colors and new pins are planned if the black and white pins meet their goal!

Original color variants! This variant set is to give a splash of color and invoke the characters as they are on the big screen!

The gamer color variants Invoke the color palettes of old school 8-bit video games. inspired specifically by the look and feel of Friday the 13th game NES Jason

The third set of variant colors showcases the line work of the artwork with an added feature of glow in the dark green enamel and glittery blood.

If things go particularly well A new design will unlock featuring the cute and deadly Sam from the cult favorite, trick r’ treat!

The next goal planned is a new variant of an already released pin in the merry murderers series featuring Jason in toon town! Adding a new unique Kickstarter variant which also glows in the dark!

Pinhead Pins will raise hell at 7k

Spicy Donut Artwork

Original Merry Murderer’s Designs

Original Merry Murderers Pins

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