FrankenMug 2.0


So after losing Franken Tiki 1 to the dreaded mold making experience. I went ahead and made Franken Tiki 2.0.

Franken mug one was destroyed because I tried to make a 2 part mold using rigid materials when apparently im supposed to make a soft mold first then a hard mold. Still learning. hope this round goes better.

He’s already for the mold making process. Which i will document with pics as best I can.

Update: After some failed mold making attempts I decided to just paint the guy and look for a ceramic studio to recreate the mug. I have talked to one already but plan on talking to a few to see about him getting mass produced. This version will probably not look entirely like the produced one as it will be glazed and the weird splotching on the back from the stupid sealer wont be there. I hate sealers…its always the last thing that needs to happen to a piece but always seems to mess things up.




2 Responses to “FrankenMug 2.0”

  1. tony says:

    did you make the mug – do you have it for sale?

  2. admin says:

    I wasn’t able to produce it yet. I was looking at a 2000 dollar investment for it I just don’t have right now. Appreciate the interest though! Hopefully someday.

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