Chocolate Cake Donut

Here is my Chocolate cake donut girl. She kind of a mix of different ideas… vector line work. Toony yet shaded colors. I’m digging it. I still indecisive as to which style i prefer to work in. I guess thats kind of the point of the donut girls is to narrow down what is precisely the “spicy donut” way of doing things. I have so many options but im trying to narrow down to one and work it out to perfection. Let me know which style you prefer?

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  1. Sabrina says:

    This one is really cute.

    However, I really like the style you did with Cherry Filled, and it also seemed to be the same in Bear Claw. Realistic shading and body appearance, but also the dashes of cartoon line drawings. With both of these girls, you commented that you liked the style you did with them. I’ve noticed with my stuff, that the more I like it, the better it looks to me and others, and the better I get at it if I use it. Just go with what YOU like and what feels most comfortable with you. :3

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