Cafe Del Mar Bar Designs

I did some bar designs for the popular Musicians Cafe Del Mar. These are concepts for a bar in Dubai. I think they’re a pretty clean design and they came out pretty nice. They have some really cool ideas. I wish i could see it after it’s built (*update i think the project was abandoned because of financial issues. ironically they wanted to find ways to spend more money and make it grander.)


a couple designs for the bar area.

A few shots of the deck area.



And this is like the lounge area or a general seating area.

this is the VIP room… Its going to be made out of LCD plastic that can change from clear to opaque. The whole room is going to be suspended 20 feet above the dance floor and have its own seprate area for drink. Pretty nifty.


5 Responses to “Cafe Del Mar Bar Designs”

  1. Ling says:

    That is a beautiful space! Are they using this???

  2. Jessie says:

    Am impressed and inspired. Home bar shall be my next project!

  3. Jay Sethna says:

    Dubai is NOT in India!

  4. admin says:

    sorry Jay you are right. The info i was given was incorrect and i never really thought about it. Dubai and India are so foreign to me I never questioned it. thanks for the catch. Im editing the info now. sorry if i offended anyone.

  5. Mario Cardona says:

    Very impressed and please send me some more designs and very well done from the island of Malta.

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