Making fun of bad movies (cool as ice, seed of chuck, shark attack in the Mediterranean, Sharktopus), Tiki Drinks, Good Animation
Devin Lawson has been scribbling on paper since he could hold a pencil. After years of pencil holding and paper scribbling, Devin moved on to art school and received a degree in Animation from the Art Institute of Houston. After graduation, Devin worked freelance for game companies, film studios and design firms. His work has beenĀ  featured by Juxtapoz, Clutter and Complex magazine. His pinups have gone viral across tumblr, reddit and pinterest. He has designed labels for texas mead company Meridian Hive, and designed slot machines for Bee Cave Games.
You can Find me across the internets at these places:
Instagram: @thespicydonut
Twitter: @spicydonut